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Articles by Megan Dlugokinski

ADHD Summer Tips ADHD and Summer can be a mixed blessing. What is supposed to be relaxing and fun can turn into a nightmare if one is not prepared. With just a little planning you can enjoy your summer once again.

ADHD Age Discrimination Can you be too old to have ADHD? The doctors and scientists say no but apparently some insurance companies disagree. With the rising number of new ADHD patients and rising medicine costs insurance companies are finding new ways to cut costs. Could you be discriminated against because you're too old?

Can diagnosing ADHD be as simple as an eye test? One of the hardest parts about having adhd seems to be getting the diagnosis. What if you had an inexpensive, totally automated way to get diagnosed in less than 10 minutes?

ADHD Summertime Blues Here are some tips Ive discovered to help keep yourself and your children sane for the next few months until school returns.

ADHD vs. Bipolar In my research and study on ADHD I have discovered that the symptoms can be similar to Bipolar Disorder. In order to receive proper treatment it is necessary to distinguish between the two diagnoses. This Article discusses the symptoms of each disorder.

Can a video Game help you cope with ADHD? Wouldn't it be great if you could play a video game to control your ADHD symptoms? The Journey to Wild Divine is the first "inner-active" computer adventure that combines ancient breathing and meditation with modern biofeedback technology for total mind-body wellness.

Women and ADHD Discusses the effects of ADD on women. Also, the differences in how males and females are diagnosed and the effects of undiagnosed women til later in life.

October ADHD Conferences

The above articles by Megan Dlugokinski are available for reprint as long as you include the following text box:

About the Author: Megan Dlugokinski, ADHD Coach is the owner of www.adhd-made-simple.com. A site dedicated to providing the best information and resources on ADHD. She is also the editor of Bella Online's Attention Deficit Disorder Site. www.bellaonline/site/attentiondeficitdisorder


Various ADHD Articles by Topic:

Adult ADHD

ADHD - Not Just for Kids Anymore ADHD diagnosis in adults is on the rise. Here is one example.

Is it ADHD or not?

A Dialogue with an ADHD Non-Believer

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