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Can a video Game help you cope with ADHD?

by Megan Dlugokinski

Wouldn’t it be great if you could play a video game to control your ADHD symptoms? What if this game was also fun to play, was inexpensive, and taught you valuable coping skills? Sound like a dream come true? Well it is. The Journey to Wild Divine is the first "inner-active" computer adventure that combines ancient breathing and meditation with modern biofeedback technology for total mind-body wellness.


Biofeedback is scientifically proven to have a powerful, positive effect on your emotional and physical well-being by teaching you to alter your brain activity, blood pressure, muscle tension, heart rate and other critical bodily functions. Biofeedback can be especially helpful for those with ADHD to manage the stress of everyday life.

This biofeedback computer game helps to integrate mind and body to reduce stress, improve mental and physical performance, increase focus and creativity, and promote total wellness. The game can give you more awareness of your own internal states of consciousness. Other possible benefits include the potential for a clearer state of mind, heightened powers of imagination, greater understanding of the mind/body connection, and more energy and relaxation.

In the game you wear three finger sensors that track your body's heart rate variability and skin conductance, you move through enchanting and mystical landscapes using the power of your thoughts, feelings, breath and awareness. Wise mentors guide you throughout the realm, empowering you with yoga, breathing and meditation skills needed to complete over 40 biofeedback 'energy' events.

Build stairways with your breath, open doors with meditation, juggle balls with your laughter, and so much more. The Journey makes biofeedback, a popular method of alternative healthcare, easily accessible and empowers you to take mind-body wellness, literally, into your own hands.

The game will give you skills and self awareness that you can bring back to your every day life. Those with ADHD can feel good knowing that they are doing something to help themselves learn valuable coping skills and having fun at the same time. The Passage is the first in a series of three "inner-active" biofeedback games. The first game is only $159.95 and is available now. The second game, Wisdom Quest features Deepak Chopra as a guide who teaches you more advanced and deeper lessons about mind and body. It will be available in the fall of 2005. You can even demo the game for free by clicking the link below.

Enchanted Journey Meets BioFeedback Check out the Wild Divine NOW!!

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