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Every now and then, I get an incredible deal coming across my desk.  And when I do, I just have to shout it from the mountaintops!

So, I figured you’d want to know about this one for sure.  It’s from the premier professional development organization called Shared Vision Network.   The founders, Ken and Judy Foster, invited me to help spread the word today about their Global Membership Campaign.

They’re giving away a huge pile of gifts worth over $5,000!  In fact, I thought this was the perfect time of year to get some early presents.  Especially, ones that are specifically designed to help you increase your business success and life skills.

There’s just one tiny catch in order to get in on this deal - you must act by Midnight Pacific Time on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005!  Click here to learn more or go ahead and read the message below first.

I just know you’ll agree Shared Vision Network is truly THE best professional development and networking organization to join!  It could well be the best investment you’ll make all year.  And the membership is SO affordable!

Here’s to your success,

Megan Dluogkinski

ADHD Special Offer - November 22nd

Two ADHD Offers - Teleconference by Dr. Hallowell & Ratey + 15 minute time managment system

I’m excited to tell you that I have negotiated not one but TWO really great ADHD opportunities for you this week!

Opportunity #1: Too Busy to Get Anything Done Time Management System

I know this program says it is a time management system for busy entrepreneurs but I can say from personal experience that it is one of the best programs out there for both personal and business time management. Ann Rusnak has created a powerful 15 minute time leveraging system that will allow you to get more done with less effort.

I know that you’ve probably tried many different time management programs and none of them seem to work. I tried many different plans out there only to be disappointed time and time again. I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t work for ME. Well considering most courses are not very ADHD-friendly it is no wonder why they fail.

What I really like about this system is the simple step by step set up plan and the worksheets. Everything you need is included in the package so you aren’t left trying to figure out how to make it work. To top it off the customer service is second to none. In today’s internet age that is extremely rare.

She even offers a monthly chat session where you can ask her any questions you might have! What other program out there offers you the chance to speak directly with the author and ask how to make their program work for you? There is even an unheard of one year money back guarantee. You really can’t lose by trying it out yourself to see if you can finally get rid of the chaos in your life, get more done in less time and actually relax a little.

The best part is that until October 15th at Midnight Eastern Standard Time you will receive an automatic $20 discount off your order! This offer is only available to my readers so take advantage of her generous offer before it’s gone. You won’t be disappointed. Go to www.toobusyto.com/megan and order your own copy today.

Opportunity #2 ADD* - ADHD in 2005 – Special Teleconference Course offered by Drs. Hallowell & Ratey

I spoke with Melissa Orlov, the assistant to Drs. Hallowell and Ratey about this course and asked her lots of questions that I thought you would like to know. I also arranged a special discount just for readers of this article. (The details on how to receive your discount are explained below.)

She told me that this is a very in-depth course that will be taught personally by both doctors. The technology is very easy to use and there is lots of personal service during the course. You will also get recognition for attending this course by having your name listed on their website after completion.

World-renowned ADHD experts Dr. John Ratey and Dr. Edward M. Hallowell are offering this course with the latest, most important, information on Attention Deficit Disorder. This course was developed for professionals and very interested adults. It will cover the most recent scientific advances in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, as well as strategies for living with ADHD.

Drs. Hallowell and Ratey have each taught at the Harvard Medical School for over 20 years. They have active private practices and both have ADD themselves. This provides them with a unique view into the issues of treating ADD and ADHD. They have co-authored several books together, including Driven To Distraction, Answers to Distraction, and Delivered from Distraction

This course will be presented online and over the phone with 22 weekly lectures and live Q & A sessions on Wednesday evenings at 8 pm EST starting on November 2, 2005 and continuing into May 2006. Each weekly call will include a 45 minute lecture and a 30 minute Q & A session. There will be an online classroom with discussion forums, all course readings, and lecture notes. The calls will be taped so that if you miss a class you can download it to your computer and listen to it later.

**The following topics will be covered in this course:

• SESSION 1: Introduction

• SESSION 2: Diagnosis

• SESSION 3: Biology of ADD

• SESSION 4: Key Psychological Issues Overview

• SESSION 5: More Psychological Issues and Pseudo-ADD or ADT

• SESSION 6: Co-morbidity – Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, OCD

• SESSION 7: Aggression, Abuse and ADD

• SESSION 8: Addictions and Motivation

• SESSION 9: Medications for ADD, Part 1

• SESSION 10: Medications for ADD, Part 2

• SESSION 11: Participant Topics – ADD, the Brain and Medications

• SESSION 12; Non-Medicinal Approaches to ADD

• SESSION 13: ADD in Families Overview and Families with Younger Children

• SESSION 14: ADD in Couples and Friendships

• SESSION 15: Schooling and ADD, Part 1

• SESSION 16: Schooling and ADD, Part 2 - College

• SESSION 17: Learning Disabilities and ADD

• SESSION 18: Participant Topics – Schooling, Learning and Families

• SESSION 19: Careers and ADD

• SESSION 20: Organization, Time and Coaching

• SESSION 21: Finding Your Strengths and Finding Joy with ADD

• SESSION 22: Course Wrap Up

To view a full syllabus, information about how the course works, or to register, visit www.allaboutminds.com. You can also call Melissa Orlov, course administrator, at 508-545-2250 for more information. The full tuition for the 22 week course is $2,150. However, there is a special $200 discount if you mention this article when you call Melissa to register! CME and CE credit is available.

To save even more money you can register up to 5 people as a group. The fee is still the same but you can split the cost between you so the cost per person is less. There are some restrictions to this and only one person can be on the ‘live’ call each week but you may download and listen to the recorded call afterwards. Ask Melissa about this option if you are interested. You may also email me at the link below if you are interested in forming a group.

There is even an opportunity to become a contributing member of this course. You will get to work on a special interest project with either Dr. Hallowell or Dr. Ratey. In addition to this you will become an expert on your chosen area of ADD or ADHD and be able to present your information to you classmates. This is a great opportunity if you want to become a true expert and specialize in a specific topic related to ADD. You must apply before October 19th in order to be considered for this opportunity. It is not required in order to attend this course however.

In my opinion this is a must attend course for professionals and those very interested in learning more about ADD or ADHD. You will have the opportunity to get the most current information from two top experts in the field and network with others who are taking this course. So what are you waiting for? Go to www.allaboutminds.com. today and sign up!

*Includes both ADD and ADHD **For more information about the contents of each session, visit www.allaboutminds.com.